Structure of IE

Department of Regional Institutional Development

Major research trends

  • Evolution of social and economic institutions
  • The social background and social consequences of the economic reforms in modern
  • Russia and its regions
  • Sustainable development of local areas within the region and municipal development issues
  • Adaptation of people and businesses to the market economy
  • Quality of life, quality of the region's population
  • Demographic development
  • Cross-border cooperation
  • Methodological approaches to the social policy
  • The cognitive basis of the regional administration process
  • Staff

    Leading Researcher, Head, Dr. of Economics
    Junior Researcher
    Junior Researcher
    Junior Researcher
    Sedova, Ksenia Evgenevna
    Junior Researcher
    Senior Researcher, Senior Researcher in the Laboratory for Digital Technologies in Regional Development, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Researcher, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Senior Researcher, Assistant Director for International Cooperation of the Institute of Economics, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Junior Researcher

    Contact information

    Official title: Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    Contact phone(s): +7 (8142) 57-20-90
    Fax: +7 (8142) 57-07-27