Scientific activities
The Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Centre of RAS continues to work within the major areas of research approved for the Department of Social Sciences by the Decree of the Presidium of RAS ¹ 62 of 19.02.2008:

  • 8.3. Transformation of social structures and institutional frameworks for sustainable economic development of Russian regions;
  • 8.7. Theory and methods of economic-mathematical modeling and forecasting of socio-economic and innovative development in the border regions of Russia;
  • 8.10 . Scientific basis for regional policy, sustainable development of the region and municipalities, and the transformation of the socio-economic space.

  • Currently, KarRC RAS Institute of Economics conducts research in lieu with the basic research programme for state academies of sciences for the period 2013-2020:

    "Development of an integrated system-based theory and tools for modeling the operation, evolution and interactions of socio-economic entities at a nano-, micro- and meso-economy levels (the theory and models of socio-economic synthesis )":

  • Methodology for research into the problems of the evolution and interactions in border regions in the context of their involvement in the global economy and the integration process in the EU; development of the conceptual aspects of socio-economic monitoring and development of differentiated multilevel objects;
  • Methodology of studying institutional innovation in regional development and issues of human capital development in the context of social differentiation in border regions; modeling of the typological diversity of the region’s institutional environment; methodology for establishing the institutional framework for building interactive management systems for the region;
  • Methodology for forecasting regional social-environmental-economic processes under external shock impacts; building econometric models taking into account the laws and conditions of the functioning and development of regional social-environmental-economic systems as related to accession to WTO.

  • "Development of the strategy for transformation of the socio-economic space and spatial development of Russia":

  • Construction of a new infrastructural development model for the northern border region to ensure qualitative transformation of the spatial arrangements of the economy, settlement system, to enhance its investment appeal, and promote innovative development;
  • Development of methodological approaches, mechanisms and tools for finding new standard spatial development solutions;
  • Methodology and development of the basic concepts of the socio-economic transformation and spatial development of Russia based on the principles of environmental-economic and social-environmental balance;
  • Study of the evolution of the spatial organization of the economy in the North-West Federal District of Russia.

  • Last modified: April 9, 2019