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  • The international project of consortium "Health of Population: Problems and Solutions" (led by RAS Corresponding Fellow, RAS adviser Rimashevskaya N.M.). Russian side of the project is presented by : Institute of Social and Economic Forecasting Population Sciences (Moscow), Institute of Economics of Karelian Research Centre of RAS (Petrozavodsk), Institute of Socio-Economic Development of Territories of RAS (Vologda); foreign parties: Belorussia National Academy of Sciences (Institute of Sociology, National Academy of Sciences), Catholic University of Lublin (Poland). Coordinator at the KarRC RAS Institute of Economics – T.V. Morozova.
    Mathematical and statistical processing of data collected in a survey of health of students of the Republic of Karelia was continued on the basis of the 2013database; international edition of the monograph "Youth Health: interdisciplinary approach" was continued (in English).

  • "Impact of climate change on the economy of the Russian regions" was continued in 2014. The dependence of the yield of cultivated crops in the regions of Russia on various factors, including climatic characteristics was studied. Some models were developed based on data analysis. The models are based on regression equations, which yields the regions considered, depending on the selected factors: agro-climatic, agronomic, soil conditions, socio-economic characteristics, culture, the level of management and technological level. It is shown that different cultures define different dynamics of productivity factors and inter-regional differences in one culture are small. Calculations were carried out according to the Northwestern, Central, Volga and Ural Federal Districts. It is shown that a determining influence of factors such as technological level, the level of management and the importance of climatic characteristics are important for grain. The determining influence of climatic characteristics is for potato. The decisive influence of technological level and climatic characteristics are demonstrated for vegetables.

  • «Comparative analysis of the impact of the economy on the environment in the Russian Federation and the Kyrgyz Republic on the basis of mathematical models». During 2014 statistics data were collected to construct and analyze the dynamic of economic development of Russia and Kyrgyzstan, including data on the main branches (activities), most strongly affecting the environment. The literature on the modeling of ecological and economic processes of building functions was reviewed. Special functions that take into account indicators reflected the activities of the Environment were developed.

  • «Modern entrepreneurship and territorial development in rural areas of the Nordic countries and North-West Russia». The concept of Rural Entrepreneurship Development Strategy in the North-West of Russia was developed and presented at the All-Russian Forum "Strategic Planning in the Regions and Cities of Russia." Presentation of two scientific reports on the part of the XXIII International Agricultural Exhibition-Fair "AGRORUS 2014".

  • «From borders to shared space». In the frame of the international project "From the borders to shares space" in 2014 a subproject "Prospects for Socio-Economic Development and International Cooperation of the Republic of Karelia" was made. Prospects for socio-economic development and international cooperation of the Republic of Karelia were presented according to the results of the subproject. Priorities for socio-economic development of the Republic of Karelia through the use of science intensive technologies were justified also.

  • «The transformation of the family in Russia under the influence of economic, social and cultural processes». The international pilot project funded by The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, SIDA (Sweden), under contract with the Russian Academy of Sciences ISESP (Moscow) made subproject associated with conducting sociological survey on households of Republic of Karelia "Problems of formation of new models of family relations in the North-west of Russia." According to the results of the survey the electronic database was formed.

  • The KarRC RAS staff participated in international projects of ENPI CBC Karelia during 2012-2014 as experts:

  • In 2014, in the framework of the project "Eco-Efficient Tourism" strategy for tourism development and marketing plans for the pilot project areas has been developed. Complete competitive strategy and marketing approaches to attract tourists and promote the concept of eco-efficiency were offered based on a detailed SWOT-analysis of tourism development.

  • In the frame of the project "Contemporary old city: Enhancing cultural tourism across the border" in 2014 the tourism market in the Republic of Karelia and Petrozavodsk was estimated. A strategy for the development of tourism in Petrozavodsk was developed. The development of a joint marketing plan for the city of Petrozavodsk and Joensuu was continued.

  • Within the project "AQUAREL – aquatic resources for green energy realization" in 2014 the concept of the use of biological waste to the needs of the energy sector was developed; a pilot project on recycling the fishing industry was implemented.

  • In 2014, the project «Green cities and settlements» carried out researches aimed at developing new approaches to the development of "green" cities and settlements in remote border areas, including their long-term spatial and socio-economic development. Particular recommendations on spatial planning for the pilot areas (Kostomuksha, Kalevala National District) were developed, including an action plan for the development of energy efficient technologies cluster in Kostomuksha. The project also provided training and seminars, implemented measures to visualize the project results and the dissemination of information about it.

  • «Intellectually driven management of natural resources of Green Belt of Fennoscandia». Some recommendations for the concept of scientific and sightseeing activities and tourism in the pilot specially protected natural area "State Nature Reserve “Kostomukshsky” and on the territory of Kostomuksha urban district until 2020 were developed.

  • The project "Social services on both sides of the border" was continued in 2014. A sociological survey on "Assessment of the level (quality, availability, demand) the provision of low-threshold social services taking into account the categories of people in remote villages of the Republic of Karelia" was conducted. The model of social services in remote areas of the Republic of Karelia was developed and presented, including the criteria for quality, accessibility, satisfaction, needs.

  • As part of an international project «Karlands» ("Integrated landscape planning for the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity conservation") subproject "Economic and sociological research on the topic: "Assessment of the structure and development strategies of stakeholders in the field of natural resources of the Republic of Karelia" has been implemented in 2014. On the basis of conducted economic and sociological surveys the structure and development strategies of key stakeholders in the field of natural resources in the territory of the Republic of Karelia (Muezersky District and Kostomuksha) were estimated.

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