Structure of IE

Department of Regional Economic Policy

Major research trends

  • Regional economy
  • Strategic management of the region
  • Regional strategic planning
  • Spatial economics
  • Comprehensive development of territories
  • Main activity results

    • Methodology for regional economic forecasting
    • Monitoring of regional socio-economic processes, development of the Republic of Karelia economy;
    • Analysis and modeling of structural changes in the economy of the region;

    • Cross-border cooperation and its impact on the economic development of border regions;
    • The theory of production functions;
    • Construction of mathematical models on regional economic development;
    • Features of the development of remote regions;
    • Problems of business development in the region;
    • The budgetary process in the region, evolution of intergovernmental budgetary relations;
    • Establishment of the regional innovations system;
    • Problems of the regional financial market;
    • Development of local models of financial and economic systems as tools for development of rural areas;
    • Impact assessment of regional economic development on the environment and public health;
    • Interregional differentiation and the regional economic policy.


    Senior Researcher, Head
    Leading Researcher, Dr. of Economics, Professor
    Senior Researcher, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Senior Researcher, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Senior Researcher, Cand. (PhD) of Econ.
    Leading Researcher
    Chief Researcher, Cand. (PhD) Phys. and Math., Dr. of Economics

    Contact information

    Official title: Institute of Economics of the Karelian Research Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences
    Contact phone(s): +7 (8142) 57-22-10
    Fax: +7 (8142) 57-07-27