Druzhinin Pavel

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Academic degree: Doctor (DSc) of Economics (2006)

Academic status: Assistant Professor (1999)

Contact phone(s): +7 (8142) 57-15-25 / Fax: +7 (8142) 57-07-27

Major research trends: Regional forecasting and modeling, regional policy, economic geography, environmental-economic modeling, innovation, regional institutions, intergovernmental fiscal relations, innovative entrepreneurship, cross-border cooperation, the financial and economic basis of local management problems, participated in the development of regional programs, concepts, strategies and schemes.

Scietific-organizational and expert activities:

  • Member RSEE
  • A member of the Free Economic Society and the expert community ‘Russian intelligence network’
  • Regional program expert in ‘Ymnik’ and Zvorykinsky project
  • He had studied under the TACIS program in 1998 (regional management) and 2003 (Innovation Management), the program of the Ford Foundation in 2000 (budget analysis)
  • Diploma senior researcher in the specialty ‘Mathematical Economics’ (1996)
  • Supervisor of graduate students
  • Scientific management research on more than 60 topics: budget, international projects, contracts, 7 RSCI grants, 3 RFBR grants, projects Federal Program ‘Integration’, including ‘Modeling and forecasting of economic development of peripheral regions’, ‘Investigation of the effect of economic freedom on the structure and pace of economic development of the region’, ‘Development and research of environmental investment features’, ‘Formation of regional socio-economic policy on the basis of medium-term socio-economic development of the region (for example, Karelia)’, ‘Modeling and forecasting of regional innovation and socio-ecological-economic processes’, ‘Modeling of structural changes in the economy of Russia and its regions’, ‘Innovative entrepreneurship in the region with low potential for innovation’, ‘Scheme of development and placement of productive forces of the Republic of Karelia in the transitional period’, ‘Concept of Development of Petrozavodsk in the transitional period’. - more than 260 scientific publications and more than 100 publications in the media

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